–  d’Summer Fascht 2019 –

Coming up in Colmar on le 14 juillet,  is the second edition of d’Summer Fascht. The first edition was held in 2017. This salon alternates with the Salon Des Vins Libres which started way back in 2008. As mentioned elsewhere, d’Fascht is a good measure of the energy around the group of winemakers in Alsace who are involved in whats is broadly referred to as the natural wine movement.

But even more important, the event is being put on by  AVLA, the brand new Association Vins Libres in Alsace. It’s better in French, l’Association des Vins Libre d’Alsace. Alsace FREE WINES 🙂 A group 0f 26 winemakers who have come together to promote the Alsace Natural Wine community.

What are you getting wine-wise on the 14th? ONE HUNDRED PLUS CUVÉES of wines made from organic or biodynamic vineyard husbandry, then with nothing at all added in the cellar. All ZERO ZERO wines as the tagline goes. Wines made with ultra patience and care.