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Alsace Wine Region – 2018 Vintage Update

Alsace Wine Region - 2018 Vintage Update We are two weeks into the Alsace Region grape harvest, les vendanges ………. The 2018-year started with wintry weather in February. The snow and subzero temperatures led into a long cold month in March. This kept the season behind which helped minimize any April frost damage, which [...]

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André KLEINKNECHT The Location Here we go, back to downtown Mittelbergheim and knocking on another door. It’s really more of an uptown place, with four roads crossing high up at the village centre.  It is the definition of a wine village, with 20 winemaking families in a population of 650. Nine of these domaines are working their [...]

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RAW Wine Fairs 2017 – NewYork and Los Angeles

News from the RAW wine fairs Alsace “Startups” at the New York and Los Angeles RAW Wine Fairs The RAW wine fairs now cover four venues: London, Berlin, New York and Los Angeles, with the U.S. events held during two weekends in November. RAW showcases producers of [...]

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Alsace Wine Region – 2017 Vintage Update

Alsace Wine Region - 2017 Vintage Update It’s Sunday 22nd of October and the Alsace 2017 vintage is harvested and safely in cellars up and down the wine route. This includes the late harvest wines, the Vendanges Tardives and the Selection de Grains Nobles.   Back In Alsace had the good fortune to visit [...]

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Les Vins Libérés – Summer Fête- Ammerschwihr

Les Vins Libérés – Summer Fête – Ammerschwihr :  Les Vins Libérés is a day of celebration that comes on the heels of the mini salons that fringed some bigger events in 2015 and 2016. This time, producers put together a stand-alone event, a one-day summer [...]

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Lucas Rieffel The Location Lucas Rieffel’s winery is in the village of Mittelbergheim. A place that feels like it’s close to somewhere else, like Heaven’s Door. Somewhere special, where something special is happening. That something is a group of winemakers that has developed a [...]

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André OSTERTAG André Ostertag amongst the Rieslings of the Grand Cru Muenchberg. The Location: André Ostertag’s winery is a complex of buildings on the edge of the town of Epfig, which lies midway between Strasbourg and Colmar, about 35 kilometres from each. Epfig is 5 km east [...]

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