Pierre Frick

Domaine Pierre Frick Jean-Pierre, Chantal and Thomas Frick – Domaine Pierre Frick – Pfaffenheim The first thing to say here, is that there is so much going on with ecology militancy, field and cellar work, vineyard sites, grape varieties, a huge range of cuvées and an unflinching connection to [...]

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Christophe Lindenlaub – Dorlisheim

Christophe LINDENLAUB – Dorlisheim. The Location - Christophe Lindenlaub makes his wine in Dorlisheim, a large village on the Alsace wine route, 20kms to the west and a touch south of Strasbourg. It is definitely not one of these picture postcard Alsace “villages” and is partially joined to [...]

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Jean-Marc DREYER

Jean-Marc DREYER - Rosheim We were in and out of Jean-Marc’s winery and vineyards during the 2018 harvest. It was energising to experience the buzz around the grapes coming in, somewhat fast and also in bigger quantities than the last few years. The winery, a hive of activity [...]

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Catherine RISS

Catherine RISS The first time we ran into Catherine Riss was on a tasting visit to Lucas Rieffel’s winery in Mittelbergheim. She provided that extra bit of pressure to help keep us focused, as we worked through a line-up of 15 wines.  That was back in July 2015, [...]

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André KLEINKNECHT The Location DATE OF DOMAIN REVIEW - August 2018Since then a flow of new energy has come to the domain with the return of the Kleinknecht kids, Jules and Fanny, both returning home after a series of international winemaker stages. Here we go, back to downtown Mittelbergheim [...]

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Lucas Rieffel The Location DATE OF DOMAIN REVIEW - August 2017Update required, but domain management and approach, very much still in line with this write up.Lucas Rieffel’s winery is in the village of Mittelbergheim. A place that feels like it’s close to somewhere else, like [...]

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André OSTERTAG André Ostertag amongst the Rieslings of the Grand Cru Muenchberg. DATE OF DOMAIN REVIEW - August 2017Much has changed during the last five years with André retiring, then returning to the domaine in 2022. So treat this article as a point in time and brief history [...]

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Laurent BARTH

Laurent Barth  The Location DATE OF DOMAIN REVIEW - August 2017Update required but Laurent's approach, attitude and finesse are still pretty much aligned with this article. Laurent Barth’s winery is in the small town of Bennwihr, which lies 7 km north of Colmar. The surrounding Grand Cru [...]

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