Falling into February

vineyard pruning and bottling at home, wine fares on the road - ALSACE WINTER - Now, January and February are heavy pruning months in Alsace. To get away from the hard and cold work, there [...]

Front Page January 2019

Report on Harvest 2018  - check here for the updates filed by winemaker Florian Beck-Hartweg Profile on winemaker Catherine Riss here Profile on winemaker Jean-Marc Dreyer here Profile on winemaker Christophe Lindenlaub here 1 - [...]

The 2018 Alsace Natural Wine Salons

  LES DEUX SALONS - VINS LIBRES et BRUT(ES) A pulse indicator, a health check, probably more relevant to say a rain check, that’s how to register two Alsace Natural Wine salons hosted in 2018. [...]

Alsace Wine Region – 2018 Vintage Update

Alsace Wine Region - 2018 Vintage Update The Alsace Region grape harvest, les vendanges, has finished up and it all took place in almost perfect weather conditions. It kind of went on a bit [...]

Alsace Wine Region – 2017 Vintage Update

Alsace Wine Region - 2017 Vintage Update It’s Sunday 22nd of October and the Alsace 2017 vintage is harvested and safely in cellars up and down the wine route. This includes the late harvest [...]

Interview with Patrick Meyer

Interview with Patrick Meyer Notes from a short discussion with Patrick Meyer, at the Summer Fascht  natural wine event.   The event was held at Christian Binner’s [...]