The 2023 Summer BLOG

SUMMER 2023 - three natural wine fairs in Alsace. Data point: the number of natural wine fairs continues to increase significantly in Europe and the U.S.A. and Alsace is part of [...]

The 2022 Alsace Natural Wine Fairs

November 2022 PHARE Ô VINS - STRASBOURG Well the Phare ô Vins worked out well - report coming soon.    On the 17-19th November we are involved with a bunch of partners in [...]

The 2021 Summer/Autumn BLOG

First up was a visit to Bruno and Elena Schueller, tucked up high in Husseren-les-Chateaux - not a bad start as we haven't completely finished the Spring Blog, which you can find [...]

The 2021 Spring BLOG

The 2021 Spring BLOG   To whet your interest, we did get out on the road and made stops at Clément and Sylvain Goepp's in Heiligenstein, Yannick Meckert in Rosheim, Philippe [...]

The 2020 BLOG

The 2020 BLOG Such a unique and weird year due to the Covid crises, with its impact on all of society and its impact on all points in the wine business chain of activities. Here [...]

d’Summer Fascht

-  d'Summer Fascht 2019 - Coming up in Colmar on le 14 juillet,  is the second edition of d'Summer Fascht. The first edition was held in 2017. This salon alternates with the Salon Des Vins [...]

Summer 2019

- Summer 2019- Spring passed in a flash. It was cold with above average rainfall. So, the Alsace growing season started as most definitely on the "tardive" side. June switched that, where several days in [...]

– Hello Spring 2019 –

People get in a twist with the seasons and the solstices and the equinoxes. If we carve the year into four seasons of three months each, then Spring starts on the first of March and [...]

– Falling into February 2019 –

vineyard pruning and bottling at home wine fares on the road - ALSACE WINTER - Now, January and February are heavy pruning months in Alsace. To get away from the hard and cold work, there [...]

Front Page January 2019

Report on Harvest 2018  - check here for the updates filed by winemaker Florian Beck-Hartweg Profile on winemaker Catherine Riss here Profile on winemaker Jean-Marc Dreyer here Profile on winemaker Christophe Lindenlaub here 1 - [...]

The 2018 Alsace Natural Wine Salons

  LES DEUX SALONS - VINS LIBRES et BRUT(ES) A pulse indicator, a health check, probably more relevant to say a rain check, that’s how to register two Alsace Natural Wine salons hosted in 2018. [...]

Alsace Wine Region – 2018 Vintage Update

Alsace Wine Region - 2018 Vintage Update The Alsace Region grape harvest, les vendanges, has finished up and it all took place in almost perfect weather conditions. It kind of went on a bit [...]

Alsace Wine Region – 2017 Vintage Update

Alsace Wine Region - 2017 Vintage Update It’s Sunday 22nd of October and the Alsace 2017 vintage is harvested and safely in cellars up and down the wine route. This includes the late harvest [...]

Interview with Patrick Meyer

Interview with Patrick Meyer Notes from a short discussion with Patrick Meyer, at the Summer Fascht  natural wine event.   The event was held at Christian Binner’s [...]